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Sample Property Inspection Report


A12- 1250 Eglinton Avenue W, Suite 142
Phone: (905) 278 7873 Fax: (905) 238-8743

Property Address: High Park Properties
Date on site: Friday, September 11th, 2015

Regular Maintenance Check List

Service Done Comments

Bed Maintenance


X De-weeded raised garden bed along Dundas St



Bushes Blown Out

Curbs Blown Out

All Entranceways

X All walkways blown out on Shoreline Dr & Neighborhood Circle


Raked/Bagged Piles

Lawn Care

Grass Cut
XCut grass on boulevard & all fronts of units

Grass Trimmed
XTrimmed grass on boulevard & all fronts of units

Grass Growth in Interlocking

Removal of Grass Clippings


Garbage Emptied (if applicable)

Litter& Debris Pick - Up

Tree Maintenance

Pruning – Up To 10 Feet
XPruned trees to a height of 8 feet in the park area

Raked/Edged Tree Wells

Hedge Maintenance



Collection of Trimmings

Playground Maintenance (if applicable)

Raked Playground

Clean Up and Departure

All Garbage Bags Removed

Additional Comments

* Cedar Replacement (5 pending for Shore Line Dr)
Removed & replaced in the following locations:
-Unit #622 – 2 Cedars
-Unit #628 -1 Cedar
-Unit #634 – 7 Cedars
-Unit #642 – 2 Cedars

Additional P.O.’s

PhotoDescription of WorkPrice
poRemove & Replace
Remove and dispose of 1 dead Emerald cedar at Unit 628 Shorline Drive.
Supply and install 1 replacement Emerald cedar at $80.00 each to unit. Replacement cedars will be 4-5 feet tall.$80.00

Sample Snow Fall Email Notice

Attention Property Managers, Regional Managers, Administrators, & Board Members:

We would like to inform you that the GTA has received upwards of 30 cm of snow which began yesterday and has continued falling heavily overnight and into the morning today, Monday, February 2nd. The weather conditions have improved since mid-day today, but the brutal wind chills and drifting snow will continue. Please be advised that given the low temperatures we are experiencing today (-16°C, and feels like -26°C with the wind chill), our salt will not be as effective.

Furthermore, all our dedicated crews were dispatched in the early morning, and have completed their first run. We are currently on site now starting a second run of all properties to ensure they are left immaculate; rest assured your site will be cleared of all snow and ice.


The early morning hours on Monday will be the most intense for the GTA, after snow falling overnight. Add strong winds and low temperatures, and that means poor visibility through the early morning hours. As always, we recommend using extra precaution on the roads, stairwells, and walkways.

Please be advised that all our crews will be providing snow removal services, opening up all the roads and sidewalks. As per contract, “... In the event of an early morning storm, emergency services will be provided, and clean-up operations will resume on the night of the following storm.

In the event of an emergency please contact one of our 24-Hour numbers, Frank Medeiros (416)-526-7873), or Mike Martin (647)-515-7873.

Between our offices hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM from Monday-Friday you may reach a staff member by calling 905-278-7873 or send an e-mail to customer.service@suregreen.ca

In the event that we are on another call, please leave us a voicemail along with your corporation number, address, name,
concern/request, and a number to return your call and we will get back to you as soon as we can.